Build An App

Build a single-source, cross-platform Flutter app that runs on phones,  desktops, and in the browser. You don't need to build multiple apps for the Apple Store, Play Store, and Web. Flutter runs everywhere. I build apps based on the form factor you need and then test them thoroughly on actual devices such as iPhones or Android phones. I guarantee quality by ensuring the app has a high level of automated test coverage that tests all your user's use cases. 

You own the code. This lowers the risk because you can walk away with the code anytime. Nothing locks you into my services, and you can evaluate the rest of the market. If there is any issue with finishing the project, you can commence work with another developer without fuss.


Bring your own design, or engage with my network to design a beautiful app. I work with designers who can get the ball rolling quickly or polish what you already have. Walk away with designs in Figma that I can translate into an app you can deploy to the stores. I usually work within Google's Material Design paradigm.

Evaluate Your App for Best Practice

Contact me about an appraisal of your codebase. I work through a checklist to make sure your app follows best practices. I put a high emphasis on automated testing. I can help you or your team to build tests. This facilitates refactoring so you can be sure that your app follows best practices. I work on a daily basis, and I can often offer significant clarity about your codebase in just a day or two. 

Let's work together and I can offer a second pair of eyes.

Contact me via my LinkedIn profile.