First Uno Platform Course Published

05 Aug 2020 By Christian Findlay

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The first Uno Platform Course is live! Over the last few months, I’ve been busily preparing material and editing video for the first Uno Platform Udemy course. Uno Platform is a powerful C# toolset for building single-source, cross-platform apps for web, desktop, and mobile. The course is finally ready for you, and I’m thrilled to deliver it. Get started with Uno Platform today.

Check out a taste of Uno Platform in this video:

I spent many years building apps with XAML and C#, and Uno Platform brings these technologies to browsers, phones, and desktop computers. Building a course for Uno Platform was a natural step for me because I love XAML, and I love teaching people how to write code. 

Why Uno?

There are multiple C# frameworks for building cross-platform apps, but right now, Uno offers you the ability to write apps for phones, desktops, and browsers. Uno Platform has a bright future in the Microsoft tech stack landscape. It gives C# developers the power to get their apps in the hands of the most significant sized audience since the earlier days of .NET. The modern, standard XAML approach is clean and compatible with UWP or WinUI. You can target Android, iOS, Windows, browsers, and macOS. 

Why This Course?

This course is short and to the point. I don’t spend time with unnecessary opinions or discussions about techniques. I dive straight into building UI with XAML and Uno Platform. You’ll learn the basics of XAML and how to get apps running on various platforms.  Udemy is a fantastic platform that allows you to purchase only those courses that you need. It lays the video content out with a simple, YouTube-like player and gives you two quizzes and assignments to test your learning.

Who Should Enroll?

Enroll in this course if you want to build single-source apps in C# and want to learn XAML. If you’ve never made an Uno Platform app before, you’ll see how to do this step-by-step, and be guided through the most time-consuming part of learning technology. Web developers who want to transition from HTML and JavaScript to C# will also find this course useful because it allows developers to target the browser with C#.

Check it out today!

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