Christian Findlay is an independent Flutter developer working in Melbourne, Australia and working with .NET, Firebase, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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Online Training

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I provide online training for Flutter and Dart. In particular, I teach Flutter Widget Testing, a very important skill for any Flutter developer. I also teach people how to build Flutter apps with ChatGPT. This allows people new to programming to build apps with no prior experience. The online format with Zoom and Visual Studio Code Live Share makes it easy to learn from anywhere worldwide while collaborating in a safe and supportive environment.

Flutter Widget Testing

Flutter Widget Testing is an essential aspect of the app development process that focuses on ensuring the app works. It is a form of automated testing. By validating the expected behavior of actual use cases, developers can easily identify and resolve issues before release, leading to a more reliable and robust final product. Ultimately, widget testing makes it easier for teams to collaborate and adapt to evolving project requirements. Flutter developers need to learn widget testing to improve their code’s reliability and reduce the time spent on fixing bugs.


Christian actually knows what he is doing when it comes testings. He was the one who actually introduced me to the depths of Testing in Flutter. The concepts about Mocking data, DI, Creating Goldens, Widget testing for Different screen sizes, and reusing the Widget tests as Integrations tests were truly Amazing. I still follow his techniques to write tests in my code and never did I face any difficulties or problems.

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What Students Learn

Students learn the essential techniques and best practices for effectively testing an entire application from the root widget. This holistic approach includes the complete app structure, encompassing all widgets and their composition. Throughout the training, students will gain valuable insights into designing and implementing rigorous test cases that cover various scenarios. By mastering full app Flutter Widget Testing, students learn the skills to develop high-quality, reliable, scalable applications that stand out in the competitive app market.

Subsequent sessions will take the same approach but cover more advanced topics like running widget tests as integration tests on devices for the highest level of app confidence.

Specifically, the sessions will cover

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The Session

The session has two parts. Firstly, I explain the concepts and techniques with slides. The second part is a hands-on session where I guide the students through writing, refactoring the app for testing, and then adding tests to the sample app. We can record the session.


Basic session (two hours): USD 350 for up to four people and an additional $80 per person for each participant beyond the first four. We can make alterations to the session to suit your team’s needs.

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